Founded in 1998, Direct Information Technology LLC has partnered with companies from various fields. Our Partners are:

Zarca Interactive:

Zarca’s solutions have radically transformed all activities that were once the purview of market research. Through employee satisfaction and employee engagement studies, by benchmarking such findings against local, regional and global benchmarks, Zarca is helping employees and employers create more productive, fulfilling workplaces and reducing employee attrition.

Zarca’s customer solutions help build customer loyalty and drive profits higher. More companies are making customer feedback central to how they serve their customers. It is bringing the full force of customer creativity to bear on product design, monitoring and improving quality of customer care and integrating customer feedback in the organization’s data warehouses upon which executive dashboards are built.

Driven by Zarca, municipal, provincial and national governments are embracing a new culture of consultative and feedback-driven governance. Government leaders gain insight into the expectations and perceptions of their citizens in this rapidly changing world. They can react rapidly and monitor predefined KPIs in near-real-time serving a more satisfied citizenry.

Zarca’s clients include the most prominent names in research such as The Conference Board and household names like Hewlett-Packard Corporation, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Dubai Municipality.


Insight is a leader in helping improve student performance between kindergarten and high school by better understanding the underlying drivers of student performance. K12 Insight has pioneered the linking of student performance and student or teacher survey data to understand why some students succeed while others struggle. Our innovative solution provides correlations and establishes causality behind performance to help administrators ensure every student can succeed.

K12 Insight leads the improvement in the quality of education by offering:

As the clear market leader, our solution and services are built on a fundamental commitment to quality improvement and cost reduction. We will work closely with your school system by providing the latest techniques, easy-to-adopt technology, and a highly responsive customer service. We have a proven track record and take immense pride in our partnership with districts across the United

The Middle East & North Africa region constantly builds itself and has successfully become one of the strongest economies in the world. Along with this growth is the goal of all its leaders to excel and empower the education system to be at par with the best around the globe.

We all know that our youth is our future. The more we strengthen and equip this generation with the right foundation, the more ready they will become to continue our legacy of excellence.

Amidst these trying times in the education sector of these regions’ countries, everyone is much concerned with the challenges in the education sector, several educators' lack skills and the need for more global academic exposure of the students.

We are all united with the same objective. Our innovative solution is committed to help bring out the right data and information to assist with creating the best strategy and plan for outstanding development. We are here to help improve all aspects of the education arena, from the administration of the institutions, school boards, curriculums to the mentors and students.

Mouthshut:, among India’s most recognized online brands, is a pioneer in enabling user-generated content. Given its high visibility with search engines on all matters related to India, is the portal through which the world is discovering India. At its core, provides a forum for citizens to gather in an online “town square” and converse about issues important to them. Nearly all discussion is non-political and centers on issues important to everyday citizens was conceived and made available to the online community in India at the genesis of consumer Internet in India. An entire generation of Indian consumers has “grown up” online with as the source of consumer and brand information. In recent years brand managers have beaten a path on to get their side of the story to consumers. This exchange of information and ideas draws very large number of visitors everyday making one of the most popular websites. is the recipient of over twenty awards for innovation and for service to the Internet community through information exchange. When the story of Web 2.0 in India is written, is foremost in the list of success

Dealface: is one of the best deals website. Here you can find all kind of daily local deals. Know what is happening & enjoy great offers available on It provides deals on the best of brands available. This site aims at complete consumer satisfaction and is designed to ensure great deals for people from all segments. offers daily deals in which people can score reduced prices and discounts on luxury and lifestyle products. Real genuine, discounted deals are available on spas, dance classes, health checkups, car service, restaurants, spiritual healing and even teeth cleanings to start with.

Burlington Technology:

Burlington Technology Inc. provides IT Outsourcing services to clients globally. We believe in partnering with our clients to help them with technology driven business transformation initiatives. Our adherence to Global Delivery Model (GDM) makes maximum utilization of local resources, thus contributing to the local economy while bringing maximum ROI for our clients.

Our expertise and experience lies in Application Development, QA, Infrastructure Services and Packaged Application Development. We like to work as an extended team of our clients and undertake development and testing work. We adopt processes and methodologies as defined by clients or suggest industry best practices for the same. Our services have been well received by our clients as evident from the fact that 60 percent of our revenues come from existing client relationships.


SureTouch is one of the largest professional manufacturers focusing on the manufacture and distribution of Point-of-Sales (POS) Hardware & Peripherals.

Established in 2006, our vision is to leverage the cutting-edge technology to provide advanced Point of Service (POS) solutions. We combine the experiences of POS and IPC industries, move the technology forward, dedicate to create an efficient and quality platform to provide smart, reliable, green and innovative POS products.

We offer a wide range of POS products and quality peripherals that meet the demands for diversified applications for a vertical market and for OEM/ODM requirements. We design POS products basing on the specific and specialised needs from customers and users to make products suitable for hospitality and retail environments. We promise to achieve zero level of customers complaints. This requires staff training and exploration of new solution to provide excellent services and products. We promise we Deliver the greater satisfaction and higher quality services and products in the market we serve.

We promise we grow with You by continuously bring you the right services and products to constantly increase your productivity and profitability which enable you to meet or exceed your business objectives; this includes fulfilling your business requirements and providing after-sales-service to maintain a mutual beneficial relationship.

Products & Services Categories:


BLUE OCEAN Softech Solutions (BOSS) is an IT product development and technology innovation company, engaged in providing Telematics solutions and services encompassing GPS and Allied technologies for Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking and People Tracking domains.

Our team is experienced and motivated, having rich domain expertise to meet the objectives of client engagements. Under the leadership and guidance of highly skilled and professional industry experts, we are here to ensure precise deployment of technology solutions for our clients.

With quality, on-time delivery and best practices as the key objective, BOSS has evolved its proven implementation methodology, which is based on industry best practices, which ensures integration of all phases seamlessly in the projects from requirement gathering till solution deployment and support.

BOSS along with its partners provides full range of integrated technology solutions and services – a broad offering that can make a substantial difference to clients as they strive to become true industry leaders. High quality, committed delivery and low cost form a part of basic business philosophy of BOSS. That’s why we are your one-stop-shop for complete Location Based Intelligent Solutions and Services.